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Jesana IP Agency

We are an agency specializing in intellectual property

Jesana IP is an agency specializing in intellectual property in the area of patents, trademarks, utility models, and designs.

Intellectual property comprises a set of rights which confer upon its holders a trade monopoly and these rights include, among others:

  • Invention patents
  • Utility models
  • Industrial designs
  • Trademarks

Jesana IP was born from the desire to render the best possible service. It was founded as a small firm made up of highly qualified professionals with extensive experience working in various IP firms who, in 2013, decided to breathe new life into their professional careers by starting a firm where they can provide customized and professional consultation services, laying the foundation for the services they offer to their clients. All this is made possible through the experience acquired by its founders and other collaborators in the most diverse technical fields and subject-matters.

registro de patentes y marcas en Valencia

Patent and trademark registration
in Valencia

In addition to being specialists in the registration of trademarks and patents of all types (European patent, PCT patent, national patent, etc.), we are also fully capable of handling the registration and protection of utility models, industrial designs, and software (source code, the technological information of the computer program or software). Software protection entails certain particularities as it is not industrially applicable nor does it present a well-defined novelty. We will also discuss electronic surveillance on our website.

patentes de invención

Invention patents

A patent is a title which grants its proprietor the right to prevent a third party from working or using his invention without his consent for a maximum period of 20 years (with the possibility of renewing the patent on a yearly basis). Patent application and registration must be done before the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office or any of the regional offices based on the criteria established by the Ministry of Industry and Trade with respect to obtaining patents and its requirements.

modelos de utilidad

Utility models

Often times, a utility model may be required instead of a patent. A utility model is similar to a patent but less complex, so it can be obtained through a simpler process. A utility model is a title which protects inventions with specific features: tools and devices for practical use with certain usefulness or a new advantage that do not, however, involve great technical complexity or a high creative or innovative value. They are also referred to as small patents or short-term patents (with a 10-year validity).

diseños industriales

Industrial designs

An industrial design protects the appearance of a whole or a part of a product resulting from certain specific features, such as the ornamentation that it may have, its dimensions, its contour, the types of lines and contours, the materials of the product, its geometric shape, etc. In the field of inventions, this means that it is possible to protect our projects without them having already taken shape.



A trademark is a distinctive sign the purpose of which is to differentiate the goods or services provided by the trademark holder from the goods or services offered by the competition. A trademark has very advantageous functions that include identifying the origin of the goods and services, acting as a quality indicator, an advertising support, and an element that leads us to quickly visualize the reputation of a company and its goods and services. In short, a trademark is fundamental for a business, so its registration and appropriate protection are essential.

Our service

Our services encompass providing the initial consultation service, conducting viability studies and preparing reports, and filing an application for the registration of a trademark, patent, industrial design, or utility model. We are also responsible for IP protection and surveillance throughout the validity period.

We can take care of everything! This is the best way to ensure that the process for obtaining a patent or registering a trademark is done perfectly, with everything being filed on time and without any possibility of errors, thereby assuring that no third party can later misuse the patent, trademark, or other rights belonging to the holder.

We represent clients before the most important patent offices and organizations

Oficina Española Patentes
European Patent Office
World Intellectual Property Organization

Contact Us

Contact us at (+34) 96 378 19 42 or We’ll be waiting for you!

If you are looking for a company to help you register your trademarks and patents or are interested in any of the services offered on the Jesana IP website, we are at your disposal.

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