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Making decisions with a lower risk and anticipating changes is a great competitive advantage and reinforces our management in leading a company. Science and technology are extremely helpful for capturing, selecting, analyzing, disseminating, and communicating external information. Tools such as technology watch and strategic surveillance may be decisive at the level of knowledge, organization, and decision-making in our company. If you are looking for a technology watch company, we are at you full disposal. Jesana IP can help you take the definitive step towards a clear commitment to innovation and the latest technologies for business management.

Commitment to innovation

Today, exhibiting great innovative capacity will not only help companies maintain their position on the market, but also soar to greater heights. This, however, poses a series of technical and legal issues that must be resolved when establishing new services and/or products.

To that end, the first consideration to be taken into account is the actual definition of an innovative company. An innovative company is one that is capable of changing, evolving, and learning the best practices of the competition so as to adapt its products and/or services to market trends. However, how is this accomplished?

The answer, although complex, could be summed up in investment in technical improvements through the companies’ own innovations, but at the same time also being sensitive to and fully aware of any innovative moves made by the competition. This involves acquiring a lot of information and studying it.

apuesta por la innovación
herramientas para la vigilancia tecnológica

What constitutes technology watch?

To reduce the time dedicated to this task, there is a growing number of companies which implement technology watch tools (competitive surveillance, strategic surveillance) and are capable of extracting information from the data of various information sources and synthesizing it to make it easier to understand and/or feasible for study such that said information can therefore be put to good use.

One of these sources involves learning about and studying patents or other publications in the technical field corresponding to the company’s work, both at the level of the source of knowledge (new developments in the state of the art) and at the level of implementation of the new developments in the company’s processes or products, to ultimately assess the risk of infringing the intellectual property rights derived from patents of the competition and the implementation of strategies to minimize the possible damage that said patents may cause on the economy of the company.

Technology watch and competitive intelligence services

Jesana IP puts at your disposal all our knowledge and know-how in the study of intellectual property, which makes us capable of offering technology watch services adapted to each company, regardless of size. Furthermore, the services we provide are highly flexible to suit all economic and personal requirements, providing a useful tool for those companies that wish to implement tools for comparing and analyzing technical information. All this is done for the ultimate purpose of providing your company with a new boost of innovation, anticipating market movements by studying all the information available, and minimizing any possible technical and legal risk.

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