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Are you looking for a patent expert to issue an expert report? What purpose can a patentability report have? Let us tell you now!

Before going further, we would like to highlight that Jesana IP is home to specialists who are highly capable of issuing expert reports of this type for examining and evaluating possible infringements by third parties who misuse a patent, a trademark, or an industrial design.

The purpose of patent infringement reports

There are two rather contradictory purposes:

  • One is to know in detail the commercial viability of a product or service in relation to the possible rights of use of a third party (FTO – Freedom to Operate)
  • While, the other is to determine a possible infringement of our patent rights by a third party.
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Do you need more information about expert reports?

Our team of professionals is completely capable of conducting any search and analysis, as well as drawing up the infringement report you need.

Jesana IP is always available to provide more information concerning our service for preparing patent, trademark, and industrial design infringement reports.

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