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There are many challenges involved in trying to properly register an electronic patent, i.e., trying to properly patent an electronic technology-based product.

patente electrónica

The complexity of this technical field in which the continuous breakthroughs constantly being made calls for inventors and/or electronic technology-based companies to protect their developments in the quickest and most efficient manner possible, generally electronically through the internet site of the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office or the European Patent Office (EPO).

especialistas en patentes electrónicas

To that end, a good IP strategy can become the distinguishing element which provides the necessary boost to the product in order to differentiate it from other elements of the state of the art.

It is therefore of vital importance to reflect in a technical specification the technical advancement or advancements that provide a particular idiosyncrasy to the design of the electronic product to be patented.

At Jesana IP we can help you to properly protect your devices or products by putting at your service all the IP experience that we have accumulated throughout our history, in addition to the technical know-how provided in said sector. All this is a result of the professional qualifications and work experience gained by the employees at Jesana IP in said sector.

que puedes proteger como propiedad intelectual

Therefore, as a step prior to obtaining a patent and as a tool to defend the inventors’ rights against possible competitors who infringe their rights and efforts in developing an electronic product design, we offer inventors the possibility of preparing technical patentability reports which provide greater certainty to the viability of the electronic patent registration.

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