The European Union trademark has greatly facilitated the procedure of obtaining a trademark within the EU territory. However, like any other administrative procedure, it entails certain complexity and takes time. Furthermore, it is fundamental to protect the trademark after registration. Jesana IP is home to specialists who are highly capable of handling all the procedures for obtaining European trademarks, as well as for performing surveillance and enforcing protection thereafter.

What can be registered as a European Union trademark?

Any sign that is or can be graphically represented may be registered. The ability to be graphically represented is also what distinguishes trademarks from trade names. Therefore, the object of registration may include words (even names of people), drawings, geometric or abstract shapes, letters, the shape or typology of a product, the presentation of a product or service, etc.

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Registration is, however, conditional to the sign for which the application for a European trademark registration is sought being ideal for differentiating it in trade from other similar goods from competing companies.

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European Union trademark: where to file?

In general, European Union trademarks are filed electronically before the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO). It is a complex procedure, so it is recommendable to obtain professional advice such as that provided by Jesana IP.

How long is a European Union trademark valid?

A European Union trademark is granted for a period of ten years after its date of filing, with the possibility of renewing it indefinitely, always for the same amount of time (10 years).

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